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Blog Post #4

Bubble Wrap is a packing material used frequently in shipping products. Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes designed bubble wrap as a wall paper. Do to lack of sales from homeowners Al Fielding pivoted his product right as the consumer electronics industry started to take off, and the rest is history. Bubble wrap is also a fun toy to play with. Towards the start of the 21st century bubble wrap experienced a decline do to environmental concerns.

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Next fall I plan on attending UC Santa Cruz alongside my other PLTW friends. For incoming Freshmen PLTW students I recommend that you don't take a day granted. PLTW was one of my favorite classes and

Blog Post #3

I applied for Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering for most of my college choices. I choose Mechanical Engineering because I like building physical things, and I choose Electrical Enginee